Supporting Alaskan Communities!

Native Construction Management Inc. (NCM) is a majority Alaska Native owned commercial general contractor with aspirations to serve the rural Alaskan communities. It is very important that we are building strong relations with the people of these communities and delivering projects that suit their needs. To complement our operations, NCM is going to dedicate 10% of all profits towards rural community development.


NCM will speak with the residents and those that seek to also enhance community to gain insight on where to allocate these funds. This will assist our efforts in maximizing the impact of the 10% allocation.

Examples of our aspirations include:

  • Mobile greenhouses
  • Retrofitting existing housing with solar panels and wind turbines
  • Supporting other community minded entities that seek to improve the health and welfare of Alaska’s people

If you wish to learn more about our company and our community minded efforts, or have any ideas on areas that we may direct our efforts, feel free to contact us at


Arthur Stevens
Native Construction Management, Inc.