Alaska’s Commercial Building Company

Native Construction Management Inc. is a 100% Alaskan Native-owned commercial and residential construction contractor. Our services are geared towards commercial and residential buildings in urban and rural Alaska. Excellence is at the foundation of everything we do and in every interaction with Alaska’s people. Our founders work directly on every project to ensure quality. We are invested in the safety and health of those we serve.


Organizational Efficiency

For any client, we can deliver multiple projects across the region while keeping quality and safety controls consistent from project to project.

Continuous Monitoring

Our leadership team is fully invested on each project and we provide direct and indirect oversite on all fronts.

Proven Expertise

Our people bring talent, experience and commitment to the goals we share with our clients, our operational excellence and the relationships we value above all else.

Fluid Communications

Each client is unique. We put a program and team in place for each client tailored to meet their specific need.

Reliable Execution

We deliver on our promises surpassing client expectations on all fronts – budget, schedules, quality controls, etc.

Unwavering Integrity

We will always have our clients’ best interests at heart, guided by insightful leadership. Our management team is comprised of proactive leaders who see the big picture yet have the flexibility of a tighter, more cohesive unit.